Food & Diet

My diet is typically healthy for the most part, unless I’m in a major hurry to get somewhere and I stop for fast food. I normally eat at home all healthy food. Or I should say anything besides junk food. My mother is all about a clean healthy diet, so mostly everything comes from Trader Joe’s or any other health food store. Less sugar for my family = no bueno. We love sugar…. But we don’t hardly eat it unless we buy it ourselves. For breakfast: I usually make fresh fruit smoothies or eat granola cereal For lunch: A yummy homemade sandwich, a yogurt or Yokisoba noodles. For dinner: many varieties like homemade pizza, tacos with organic hard taco shells, spaghetti, Laab/ Vietnamese recipe that includes shredded steak, or even lasagna. Yogurt makes me happy & full of energy. My desert is ice creme with yummy chocolate pie. I try to stay to one unhealthy treat a week. My opinions for my diet are that I’m doing pretty good with what I’ve been eating. Less unhealthy food and more exercise is key.


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