Ideal School

I believe it is possible to create an ideal school or classroom environment. There are ample examples in public and private schools throughout the US in which schools work tirelessly to shape their school culture to meet the needs of students and teachers. However, it is important to realize in this conversation about creating an […]


If something really hit the fan and I had to leave with my best friends. 10 things I would bring with me in my backpack. Keeping in mind that I only have three minutes to get the items. 1. My cell phone and charger. Can’t forget that! 2. Water 3. Food 4. Clothes 5. My […]

Dream House & Community

We all dream and we all day dream, but one thing is real is my future ahead of me. Things that truly bring me happiness is to see myself being a nurse or maybe even doing something for the law. Something that would contain me helping people and my community. Goals: I will be living […]

Food & Diet

My diet is typically healthy for the most part, unless I’m in a major hurry to get somewhere and I stop for fast food. I normally eat at home all healthy food. Or I should say anything besides junk food. My mother is all about a clean healthy diet, so mostly everything comes from Trader […]

Galaxy Note 4 vs Iphone 6 Plus

The Note 4 is only available in a 32GB model and at $599 SIM-free, it doesn’t come cheap. The iPhone 6 Plus in comparison starts from $619 for the 16GB model moving to $699 for the 64GB model and a whopping $789 for the 128GB 6 Plus. That’s a whole lot of money to own […]

10 things to do before I die!!!

1. Sky Diving    2. Travel around the world    3. Open my own Coffee Shop  4. Be a Professional NICU Nurse  5. Live in Hawaii  6. Sign a contract through a BIG agency for acting and modeling  7. Buy a huge house and property  8. Have a Big Wedding  9. Have a Family  10. […]